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The Green Juice

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Since a month ago, I told my mom I want to have a better energy level and vision. So she regularly buys me a bunch of oranges and carrots, which contains a lot of vitamin C and A. I drink them every day in the morning and I notice my energy level boosts up and my scars heal faster. Then one day in previous week, she surprises me with this super drink—The Green Juice!

I am glad she introduces me a whole new level in healthy drink. Yes I commit to myself to live healthy, that it benefits me in the long run.


The Green Juice ingredients:

1. Spinach: Remember Popeye? Our childhood hero cartoon character that is known for his strength and vitality. Spinach contains a huge amount of Vitamin K. It helps promoting bone health and prevent bone cells break down. What it can do for you is that it has a lot of vitamins and minerals: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B2, B6, C, calcium, manganese, iron, potassium, zinc, choline, selenium! This amazing food member of chenopod family is so generous. Additionally, it doesn’t give any bitter taste. But wait until this one below.

2. Celery: This is OPTIONAL. If you are experiencing high blood pressure, adding celery to your super juice is highly recommended. There are cardiovascular benefits. The phthalides found in celery can act as muscle relaxant surrounding our blood vessels. Thus, it allows them to expand and decreases the blood pressure.

3. Strawberry: Who doesn’t love this pretty fruit? It is sour and sweet. The vibrant red color gives instant lift in any juice color mixture. But when you put strawberries in the juicer alongside with spinach, the color doesn’t really come out. Or you may prefer having them sliced tiny as fun toppings.

4. Lemon: This adds sour taste in the juice. Refreshing and lifting up! Vitamin C benefits for the whole day activity.

5. Apple: An apple a day keeps doctor away. Adds the benefits of an apple to your super juice. Yum!

You can mix any fruit into your super juice. I have found that pineapple, starfruit, and orange are beneficial fruits that can be added to your super juice to increase the benefits.

Yes, I drink this every morning! How about you?

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