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Los Angeles Trip Day One

By on Monday, March 6, 2017

I have been really lucky to be able to travel to United States if not because of my boyfriend (thanks, honey ♥) and also the support of his and my family. So we were going to spend the entire weekend in Los Angeles by driving all the way down from San Fransisco. But the plan was almost ruined due to my uninvited sickness. Not only that but California was also drenched in heavy rain and storms during the weekend! At the end, we decided to just go for it as he already took a day off.

When we have finally arrived in his cousin’s house eight hours later, my sickness got worse. It was stomach flu that makes me feel bad stomachache and diarrhoea. So he had to drive again to get me medicine and took care of me eventhough he was exhausted. But I am really thankful for him that he is so caring towards my health despite that it was our first trip. I would feel so bad if I didn’t recover the next day. Thank God, I did recover the next day and had the chance to enjoy Los Angeles!

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