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How To Reduce Your Hair Fall with Aloe Vera

By on Monday, July 15, 2013

Bye Hair Fall!

We already use keratin rich shampoo, aloe vera infused conditioner, aminexil serum, or other the most sought-after hair tonic, yet we still find our hair strand on the floor everywhere. Then we start questioning the capability of those claims every brand makes. No, no, no. All of these hair products contribute the growth of your hair, the strength of its roots, but only as far as helping. Not solving it entirely. Hair products are external help. We can’t rely on one factor only. We should examine ourselves internally too. Yes, our biggest concern is true: Stress.

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Our Thoughts Become Our Attitude

By on Saturday, July 6, 2013

A canvas that has many colors may be either amazes or confuses us. Imagine rainbow. It has seven different colors yet the combination stuns usβ€”even more, inspires. It has an order too which comes first, the next, and the latter, creating a very beautiful color harmony. A painter painted a stunning colorful abstract painting because he knows what to do with his colors, where to put, how much to put, and when to put from one color to another color creating a harmonious colorful painting. Let’s think about if the painter does not have knowledge about color wheel, balance, and proportion. The outcome may not be as beautiful as when he has the skill. Think about the audience as well. Will they enjoy the painting, or worse, leave?

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