Our Thoughts Become Our Attitude

A canvas that has many colors may be either amazes or confuses us. Imagine rainbow. It has seven different colors yet the combination stuns us—even more, inspires. It has an order too which comes first, the next, and the latter, creating a very beautiful color harmony. A painter painted a stunning colorful abstract painting because he knows what to do with his colors, where to put, how much to put, and when to put from one color to another color creating a harmonious colorful painting. Let’s think about if the painter does not have knowledge about color wheel, balance, and proportion. The outcome may not be as beautiful as when he has the skill. Think about the audience as well. Will they enjoy the painting, or worse, leave?

Hillsong Live Glorious Ruins - day fireworks photoshoot for CD Cover
Hillsong Live Glorious Ruins – day fireworks photoshoot for CD Cover

Our behavior to others shows our mind painting.

Our mind in this modern life is often occupied with everyday complexity such as appointments, deadlines, traffic jams, and personal problems. “All of these causes cultural stress, which, in turn, makes us unhappy and sick,” said Dr. Howard Murad. Sometimes we have to reset our priority, unfollow some people, reschedule appointments, reconnect with old friends, get involved in activities, simply because we only want the right colors to pop in our mind painting. If there are too many unwanted colors, the mind painting becomes mind clutter, which makes us behave irritatingly to others.  We all need a room for ourselves, a room to improve our life quality by pondering which colors we want in our mind painting.

Howard Murad's Art Painting "Hope"
Howard Murad’s Art Painting “Hope”

Though the ‘mind painting’ is hidden inside our brain, we cannot assess how beautiful it is until we interact with other people.  They are the ones who enjoy our mind painting the most. They are the ones who will perceive and feel the new energy in us. If our mind painting is well-put together: the right colors with the right amount and the right proportion, we will perceive situations differently. Thus, the way we respond to situations is also different. We will deal our problems more wisely.

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” – Roald Dahl, an author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Dislike certain colors in your mind canvas? Learn to say no and delegate tasks. Not everything we can do, we must do. Not everything is important. Remember priorities. As for me, my first pillar of priority (spiritual, health, and relationship) in order is: my relationship with Jesus, my mental health, my mom and brothers, closest friends, a goodnight sleep, eat well, and friends. Second pillar of priority is: personal growth, career (this includes prioritizing our own health above job), and finances.

“When everything is important, then nothing is important”

Someone teaches me quote above by using this illustration: Your boss invites you to gala dinner tonight by giving you an invitation marked by ‘VIP Only, valid for 1 person’.  You feel special. You feel important to the company. You are someone trustworthy to the boss. And you start to wonder, it may be the reward because I did the presentation well that won the investors, or because my idea for the next project is so out-of-the-box, or whatever. Then at night you come to the party. After you arrive the party is too crowded. And you start to notice that everyone turns out that they have the same invitation as yours.

What are you feeling? Disappointed? Unimportant? Yes. Same goes to priorities. Enjoy the privilege of having choices and choosing one after another. Get rid of the things that does not add value to your priority. Simplify the life. Paint beautiful mind paintings, for not only you will enjoy the beauty but others will too.

Hillsong Live Glorious Ruins - day fireworks photoshoot for CD Cover
Hillsong Live Glorious Ruins – day fireworks photoshoot for CD Cover
Hillsong Live Glorious Ruins - day fireworks photoshoot for CD Cover
Hillsong Live Glorious Ruins – day fireworks photoshoot for CD Cover

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