Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Swatch

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette
Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

In the past two months, I spend a lot of my weeks travelling back and forth. From Singapore, Jogjakarta, and Singapore again. Two weeks, four days, and another ten days. Yes I have enough travelling and playing around. I feel so full of guilt by neglecting my own career as a makeup artist. Like, really guilty. Everyone’s improving and I am still here standing at the same point. Even I have to decline an invitation of 10-day travel in Japan this November. Firstly, I still want to settle down here. Secondly, please don’t laugh, I can’t stand the winter cold.

I have bought a bunch of new makeup from my previous trip to Singapore before Jogjakarta. Quick review, I fall in love with my NARS Loose Powder and Benefit Erase Paste. I fall out of love with Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Perversion and Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in Black. Once I tweet, “Finding a good eyeliner is like finding a life partner.”

When Singaporean dollars currency to Indonesian rupiahs increase crazily, I say to myself before departing that I WOULD NOT shop too much especially in Sephora. It is  a medical-checkup-in-disguise trip: 9 days for playing around and a day for medical checkup.

Words are words and heart is heart. I try my very best to avoid visiting Sephora until a day a friend asks to purchase something from Sephora. I talk to myself, “…This is no good. I just need to go straight to brushes area and get them right away. Don’t look around.” When I am about to walk in, I see the newest palette from Urban Decay is displayed RIGHT NEAR THE STORE ENTRANCE. I exhale. I hesitate. I close my eyes. I pray. I cast demon out of it. I exaggerate my story now. I know. So I say I will just have a swatch of A COLOR. I walk. I take a glimpse. My eyes are widened. At a second I hope I am color blinded—it is a bad wish I revoke it.

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Urban Decay Vice 2
Urban Decay Vice 2
Urban Decay Vice 2 Box - Back
Urban Decay Vice 2 Box – Back

If eyeshadow is your vice, here’s the ultimate fix: 20 BRAND-NEW shads, plus a double-ended Good Karma brush. Experiment with insanely cool brights, not-your-average neutrals and sexy hits of smoke, all in our decadent, revamped formula. Even the presentation is luxe. With the touch of a button, the jewel-inlaid case opens slowly, seductively, to unveil all the gorgeous eye candy. Ah, sweet addiction.

I swatch Betrayal on my finger and my jaw drop. I know, right. The combination of purple colors of Voodoo and Betrayal (see swatches below) is similar to the Tom Ford Lavender Lust palette SGD100. And this palette is SGD88. I want it in my traincase.


*I use eyeshadow base for my swatch.

Urban Decay Vice 2 Swatch: Smokeout, Prank, Radar, Dope
Urban Decay Vice 2 Swatch: Smokeout, Prank, Radar, Dope

Smokeout: A greyish black with additional pink powders that makes it a feminine black.

Prank: Very dark blue, almost black, with a combination of turquoise and sky blue glitter. Like a real gemstone.

Radar: It’s gold and it’s copper. A mixed of both with white, sandy, orange, and brown glitters. Almost like Urban Decay Naked 2 Half-baked. But just darker.

Dope: It is an iridescent cream color, perfect for highlight. Almost matte but reflects light.

Urban Decay Vice 2 Swatch:  Lovesick, Madness, Damaged, Toxic
Urban Decay Vice 2 Swatch: Lovesick, Madness, Damaged, Toxic

Lovesick: Slightly opaque black. Silver and pink sparkles all over.

Madness: Cobalt blue with shimmering satin, produces a subtle sheen effect.

Damaged: This color reminds me of poison ivy. Cal poly green in a beautiful satin finish.

Toxic. At first I thought Toxic is similar to UD Chopper. But, no. It’s beige color equipped with full of pink shimmer. How fantastic is that?

Urban Decay Vice 2 Swatch:  Shellshock, Strike, Voodoo, Habit
Urban Decay Vice 2 Swatch: Shellshock, Strike, Voodoo, Habit

Shellshock. Highly frosted silver color. Makes it categorized as metallic color right away.

Strike. Yellow citrine gemstone. Frosted and pearlized in white.

Voodoo. My jaw-dropping eyeshadow. It’s pigmented dark purple. Slightly frosted. Turns to lighter purple when exposed to light, rich in microparticle shimmers in pink, purple, and white.

Habit. Cream matte squared finish, in MAC terms. It’s matte but more intense, slighly creamier texture. Rich color payoff. Without light. Without shimmer. Without glitter.

Urban Decay Vice 2 Swatch: Coax, Stash, Betrayal, Ambush
Urban Decay Vice 2 Swatch: Coax, Stash, Betrayal, Ambush

Coax. Darker than X-Rated, shimmery. Pink and white shimmery finish. Slighly opaque, not too pigmented.

Stash. A goldish olive color base with shimmering green and orange pearls. Like the color of safari or army look, but glam. Very pigmented even without base.

Betrayal. Second color I try on my finger. This just amazing. Purple-pink shadow with white and blue shimmer. So similar like Tom Ford Lavender Lust palette. It reflects light, creating a three-dimensional finish without we have to blend with another color. Just, perfect.

Ambush. This is silvery frosted brown color when exposed to light.

Urban Decay Vice 2 Swatch: X-Rated, Poison, Derailed, Rewind
Urban Decay Vice 2 Swatch: X-Rated, Poison, Derailed, Rewind

X-Rated: Frosted soft light purplish pink finish. A very soft romantic color for first date.

Poison. Sheer black. When exposed to light, it reflects slightly phthalo green color but not too intense. Green shimmer finishes the shadow.

Derailed. Lightly frosted bistre brown color, with little pink and green shimmer.

Rewind: A beige-almost-khaki matte finish we want to get for creating deeper eyelid or fake double eyelid. Matte, intense color, but opaque without eyeshadow base.

Final Note

Price: SGD88

Packaging: 7/10. Thick and slightly heavy. Vulnerable. Just like we are carrying jewels.

Pigmentation: 9.5/10. Wonderful, even without base. Who can beat Urban Decay’s eyeshadows?

The actual eyeshadow colors are much more gorgeous. Believe in my description of each color and imagine it. My camera does not really capture the beauty of the colors. This palette is not a must-have for everyone. It is for someone who dares enough to put vibrant and intense color on their eyes, and love to experiment. A celebration of new invention in colors and glitters.

Would you like to own this palette? Tell me =)

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