Create Your Own Brush Cleaner with a Glue Gun

Hi! Who doesn’t like to be creative, creating products as substitute that are sold in stores? This easy-to-do DIY brush cleaner is inspired by the famous Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove ($35) and the most recent cute egg-shaped brush cleaner, Brush Egg ($8).

What you need is simply:

  • A glue gun
  • Any hard surface (I use a piece of cleaned small floor ceramics)
  • Follow steps below
DIY Brush Cleaner step by step
DIY Brush Cleaner step by step


  1. Prepare any hard surface. This small piece of ceramic is found by my mom somewhere in the house. She initially gave it to me for mixing palette purpose—but, uh, I am sorry mom I cannot use this in front of my clients. You can even use dining applianes such as small tray, small melamine plate, etc.
  2. Prepare your glue gun. Be careful not to touch the tip cause it’s hot. Start creating lines.
  3. Continue on your lines. This helps the large brush is cleaned more effectively.
  4. Then I draw diagonal line to make rectangular shape in the middle.
  5. Start making dots. These dots will clean smaller brush as you swipe.
  6. Be creative! 🙂 You can draw anything, this is your canvas. I even finish the edge writing my name on it.

So here my first DIY! Let me hear from you whether this DIY tutorial is useful for you 🙂

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