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Sugar Bear Hair: First Month, Does It Really Work?

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I have never really been a fan of drinking vitamin before. They are chunky, tasteless, and stinky (sometimes). I still have a bottle of multivitamin in my cabinet that I purchased from Cost Co but never really have the desire to drink it, though I know that it is good for my health. Not until this advertisement by Sugar Bear Hair popped up in my social media account.

I like those pictures that everyone posted on Instagram. I enjoy the video content that every influencer makes it. They really make me think that if I take this, my hair will be like them. Eventhough I know it is a part of their convincing marketing strategies, I also want my hair longer, healthier, shinier, and stronger at the roots too because they start to fall out tremendously. I browsed around online whether other people have positive experience with Sugar Bear Hair. I found out that most people do have positive experience with it. That’s it, I am sold *proceed checkout*.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or not doing any affiliated program with this company. I, myself, purchased this product with my own money. Therefore, I will give you my most honest opinion about this.

What Is Sugar Bear Hair and What Is In It?

Sugar Bear HairΒ (US$ 29.99) is a chewable hair multivitamin that contains biotin and other vitamins that have been proven to support hair growth. It also comes in a blue bear shape.

Sugarbearhair Container
Sugarbearhair Container

Below is the vitamins and mineral list:

15vit 02 Grande

Click here to see their full ingredients list and description

My biggest concern of the condition of my hair:

It starts thinning. Hair falls are everywhere. Especially after I shampoo and dry my hair. My heart sinks noticing that there is a BUNCH of them on the floor. I used to have thicker hair back in 2012. But maybe life stressors make me shed even more like a poodle. So I decided to just give it a go. Below is the condition of my hair length when I first start Sugar Bear Hair.

Day 1 of taking Sugar Bear Hair


1. It reduces the amount of hair fall

I would say that during the process of taking this vitamin in the first month, I do notice difference in the amount of hair fall after I shampoo and dry my hair. I usually see a lot of hair on the bathroom counter top where I usually dry my hair. Almost 20 strands each time in total (both the ones that fall during shampooing and drying).
After taking it in the first week, the amount of hair fall decreases. I would say, it is much fewer than before I take the vitamin. And so on until the third and fourth week. Though there are still hair falls, the amount of strands is very much decreased.

2. The taste and shape motivate to take the vitamin

Another thing why I like Sugar Bear Hair is the experience of chewing it. It is really sweet and yummy. The bear shape is also really cute. Funny thing is, these features make me look forward of taking these multivitamin!

3. Allergic free

If you are allergic to soy or gluten. This multi vitamin is for you since it is not made of any of those ingredients. I am not allergic of any of these so it is fine with me.


1. It is costly

It costs you $29.99 (without tax) for a month of supply. That’s it, I think the only cons is the price.

After a month:

Sugarbearhair Before After
Sugarbearhair Before After


I personally think that I love the result that my hair grow more almost an inch just in a month. It does not usually grow that much before. I do not have before after picture during my months of not taking Sugar Bear Hair, though. But the most visible result that I can notice is the decrease of hair fall. So happy with my purchase!

Recommendation for you:

If this is too expensive for you, you might want to try hair multivitamin that is produced by Nature’s Bounty. It is called Extra Strength Hair, Skin, and Nails Argan Oil Infused (150 softgels for 50 days supply). It costs me US$11 at Target. The ingredients are very similar with Sugar Bear Hair’s. I am in the middle of trying this one. If this still works wonderfully as what Sugar Bear Hair does to my hair, I will let you know so you can save some dollars. Sounds good?

See you later in upcoming beauty tips and tricks

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