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It’s The Journey, Not the Destination

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. – Greg Anderson

Most often, our thoughts lie in the future on what we can improve or what we want to become that we often forget to savor the present moment. Of course, it does not mean that we should ditch our desires completely. Can we focus on the next big milestone and enjoy the journey at the same time? Absolutely. Being mindful is a beautiful art to master.

I feel like time moves so quickly in the event that I want to savor it longer. I remember on our wedding day, it just went so fast and there were some moments I hoped they did not happen because they took away my precious time: Long makeup preparation time, losing my ring after the ceremony and breaking petticoat. Those made me feel so frustrated that it almost took my joy the rest of the evening. I was upset and people could see that the joy in my heart was stolen. My husband kept telling me that those embellishments and details are no longer important. Most importantly, we are together now as a husband and wife, officially. I took a long breath and I let go of my thoughts. I will savor this moment because these minutes will not come twice. After that, I was ready to continue the reception and ready for our first dance. And I was all smiling and laughing again.

Technology may help us all aid our lifestyle, from the fast communication, instant gratification, and immersive amount of information. But somehow, time is still unmanageable with our busy activities. We juggle responsibilities between spouse, kids, school, work or everything in between. It feels like time is not on our side. Then whenever we have a little spare time, we scroll on social media. We take a peek on other people’s life and intuitively compare it to our own. We can create our own stress before we know it. Or even a poke at our self-worth. Watch out that a poke can become a thrust. The life on screens seem so perfect, organized and she can do-it-all with balance. But we do not know what happened behind the scene. Rachel Hollis who is a mom with 4 kids and works her dream job actually gets a help. Lots of helps. She hires nanny to help taking care of her kids and a team to run her business. And there is a LOT of sacrifice in there: me time, family weekends, meeting with friends, and other personal moments, as told by herself in her book Girl Wash Your Face.

Be content with wherever you are now, whether you are a new mom with little baby, working woman, a university student, single, married or whatever stage of life you are in right now. This is the moment that you can enjoy and be grateful for. “If you want to compare, compare to your previous self. Compare your OWN progress,” remarked Andy Stanley in his recent teaching “Envy: You are Not the Boss of Me”. And I guess he is right.

My recent newfound passion: Calligraphy and watercolor have also taught me what it meant to start from zero. They teach me humility because I want to learn from other people who has been learning longer, they teach me contentment to be okay with where I am, and they teach me patience that the most important here is the journey itself.

I have recently moved to the US a year ago and I have to start my journey from zero again: making new friends, finding a new community, learning the new culture, and finding the right career for me. If I let the feeling of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) overwhelms me, I do not think I would be able to greet the unknown and, actually, move forward into this new adventure in the US. I would feel left behind in my career by leaving the growing beauty industry behind, whereas my other Makeup Artists friends keep growing, expanding, and networking with notable people.

I am thankful that I would be able to let go of those feelings and just be content and fulfilled in wherever I am right now. I enjoy baby steps, trials and errors, and small victories. Because at the end, it is more important to enjoy the journey more than racing towards the destination.

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