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My name is Irene. I am here to help you make your creative vision comes true through modern calligraphy and watercolor.

Whether your vision is to bring delight to someone you love by giving encouraging words that suit them, brighten up your home with a heartwarming quote with watecolors, frame your hopeful prayer to your children in your nursery, commemorate your wedding vows, logo designs for creative entrepreneurs, or any other commercial design for your  brand, I am here to bring your vision into a reality.


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I want to create a custom art piece

A personalized custom piece to remembered. Hand-lettered quote, lyrics, wedding vows, or poems in calligraphy. Starts from $99.


I want a new design for my logo

Your logo and other design packages written in calligraphy in a style that will suit your brand. Starts from $149.

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I want to license your artwork for my brand

For companies or brands that are looking to use my designs for their merchandise.

I Hear You!

Let's chat about what you are envisioning.

We will brainstorm and bounce off ideas together to create what you have in mind into a tangible product.

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